Steering Wheel Isometrics

November 16, 2007

Say what??? Let me do a little explaining…

I’ve been doing a lot of pushups lately, mostly because I no longer have a gym membership (by the way, I’m able to do 40 slow pushups now in one set) . So I’m looking for ways to be able to get/stay in shape with basic exercises and don’t want to adorn my household (who am I kidding? small bedroom) with a home gym or lots of dumbbells. Also, I can’t rely on all the good home fitness videos because I don’t have a TV. And besides, all the videos I do have are VHS, not DVD, so I can’t use them on my computer (looks like I’ll be doing some digital conversion-ing soon).

Anyway, while in traffic the other day, I was tugging on my steering wheel and noticed that my chest was completely flexed (oh, and massive!) So I started playing around and came up with a few exercises that will help with basic strength training on those long car commutes, or when you’re just stuck at a red light.

Maybe you haven’t heard of isometrics before. In fitness, isometrics are nothing more than static exercises where you flex a muscle, hold it in the contracted position for a few seconds, and then release. Pretty simple. Think of those morning stretches when you wake up and you stretch and your body goes rigid. Or how you clench your butt cheeks when trying to hold back #2. Those are basically isometric exercises. With isometrics, you can use your body’s own resistance, but you can also employ stationary objects in your exercises. Enter the steering wheel!

I managed to get a full upper-body workout using nothing more than my steering wheel while driving.  Here are some of the exercises and the muscle groups they worked I was able to do, all static (no movement) exercises, of course:

  • Lower, Middle, Upper Rows (Lats, Traps, Rhomboids)
  • Lateral “Raises” from upper, middle and lower parts of the wheel and sometimes crossing arm over arm (Anterior, Middle, Posterior Deltoids)
  • Presses into the wheel (Chest and Triceps)
  • Flyes from the outside middle of the wheel squeezing inward (Chest)
  • Curls from the lower area of the wheel (Biceps)
  • Press-downs from the upper area of the wheel (Triceps)
  • Twists while using the wheel for resistance (Obliques)

I was worried at first that I might break off my wheel which could obviously lead to catastrophic events.  But come on, I’m not He-Man…  But I thought even if I did manage to break off my steering wheel, I would be He-Man. And I’d have total bragging rights, assuming I lived to tell about it!I did scour the ‘net to see if I could find some other sites describing this stuff.  I did uncover some interesting sites, mostly on posture, abs and back, but not much on strength training.  There is even one lady trying to sell pilates for your daily commute, entitled “Carlates.”  Now that thar’s funny.

In no particular order, here are some of the websites I saw about car exercising…

Let me know if this stuff works for you!


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