Things you learn at 35…

November 18, 2007

Among the least important of things surely sits my list of things you learn at 35 years of age. Three things I’ve happened across in the last 30 days…all totally unrelated…

1. Scallops are shellfish. Did you know that?

They are also bi-valves. And they swim, which explains why their muscle (the part we eat) is so large relative to other bivalves like clams and mussels. Interesting, eh? You can find out more on this at wikipedia here.

Also, why is it that it only seems to be in the United States that we don’t eat the whole scallop?  We eat the whole clam and mussel.  Strange…

2. What do you do with tiny soap?

There’s no sense futzing with the soap when it gets too small. You drop it too much. It breaks and you mash together the parts. Why didn’t anyone ever teach us to mash the small soap bar to a new bar of soap. Duh! I’d bet most people just throw the tiny soap away.

3. What exactly is metadata?

It’s data that describes other data. Well, that’s so damn helpful, thank you! Even wikipedia convolutes the issue.

But while I knew what it meant, I never really read a good description of what it was until reread my old database textbook from college. The easiest real world example that we are all familiar with is the card catalog at your local library. All that data describes the data in the book, like the author(s), the category, an abstract on the content, etc. Data that describes other data. Bingo!

So why is it that we don’t learn some of these things (namely the first two) way earlier in life? Why is it that we go through life never questioning where a scallop comes from? Or why is it that we never ask what other people do with the soap when it gets too small to avoid wasting it. And the metadata question, er…nevermind.

All this is to say that we should not be so complacent in our lives to lose the inquisitiveness we once had as a child. Keep asking questions! Don’t be afraid to not know just because you are say, 35 years-old and should have learned it long ago. Keep learning!


3 Responses to “Things you learn at 35…”

  1. Allice Says:

    i have an idea what you can do with the little soap.

  2. Min Says:

    I take the little soap and stick it to a big soap. Therefore since the beginning of my using soap, a molecule of that soap is in my soap.

    Actually, I did not do this. Yohboh does. I use a body wash. Soap is SO seventies…..

  3. Sealling Says:

    “So why is it that we don’t learn some of these things (namely the first two) way earlier in life? ” I knew early in life but the third went way over my head

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