This is the voicemail of Mark Sessoms…

November 19, 2007

I read a blog post that clearly resonated with me. It’s about the absurd length of our greetings on our voicemails.

So I’ve changed mine.  If you call me on my cell phone and get to my voicemail message, you’ll see.  To save you the trouble, it’s exactly the same as the title of this post… extremely concise.  Why say more? You already know the drill.

Here’s the post at Cranking Widgets.

Yet another thing to add to my “Things you learn at 35” list…

So…  How many of you decided to change your greeting after reading this?? Enquiring minds want to know!


One Response to “This is the voicemail of Mark Sessoms…”

  1. D.E.S.H. Says:

    I’m not changing my voicemail message for the simple fact that it is sexy as hell!! While this might not mean much to you, Sess…I’m sure some of your more feminine readers (and by that I DO mean women (sorry Colin)) will find listening to my voice to be quite the titillating experience. Hmmm…if only they had my numbers…

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