December 3, 2007

Ever since I had my first shoulder surgery on my right shoulder two years ago (the day before Thanksgiving), I haven’t been able to do much in the way of working out. My second shoulder surgery followed exactly one year later (also the day before Thanksgiving), this time on my left shoulder. And so it’s now been one full year since my last operation.

Not working out sucks. I used to have a chest and shoulders to brag about. Until recently I was almost reduced to man boobs. But without a gym membership, I didn’t think I could really regain my physique.

About two months ago, though, I started to push-ups. It was horrible. I was winded after ten. Now I’m pumping out 40 before I’m winded. At the beginning, I couldn’t do a diamond push-up any more. Now I can do them easily once again. My chest is actually in better shape now than when I was actively working out. My shoulders have regained their definition, and my arms are becoming more shapely as well. All from push-ups!?!

The thing I thought I’d never do again, however, were dips. It seemed like so much stress on my shoulders. I had tried them a few months back, but I was tentative. After a couple of months of push-ups, though, I finally did some dips today. Twenty of them, in fact (two sets of 10, let’s be honest).

Now, if I can only start adding abdominal work to my daily routine… Hmm…


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