December 24, 2007

Also in the vein of learning one’s calculator…

Did you ever think of what the DRG button really stood for on your calculator?  Yeah, I didn’t think so.  It’s that button that you have to use for trig functions.

We mostly used it on the Degree setting.  And I often thought it was a weird assembly of letters form the word degree… like DeGRee.  But of course, maybe it was British or something.  You know, like how they spell theatre or centre differently.  But even that never made sense because who would put the ‘r’ in front of the ‘g’?

Alas, I was just a dumb kid and didn’t try harder to figure it out.  Now, after reading my trusty  TI calculator book and understanding that the unit circle can be broken down into Degrees (360 of them), Radians (2π of them), or Grads (400 of them).  Hence the DRG.  Duh…


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