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Breaking the Soda Habit (And I Need Your Help!)

January 7, 2008

So last night I walked into the grocery store with the desire to purchase a little dinner and my normal two or three 2-liter bottles of Diet Mountain Dew, depending on what the special was.

Well, it turns out they were out. This was the second night in a row. Apparently it is either a very popular drink or very poorly stocked. Last night I thought I’d change it up a bit and bought some Pepsi-One, an old favorite of mine affectionately named P1, but I wasn’t so pleased by the “black tongue” it tends to give you.

But tonight was different. I didn’t want P1. I didn’t want Diet Coke, another old faithful. I wanted the Dew. That sweet nectar, full of caffeine and yellow 5 goodness. I stood there puzzled in the aisle literally for five minutes. I knew not what to do. There was Diet Mountain Dew in the coolers up front. But I had come to the grocery store to get the better value in the two-liter bottles. The thought that I kept coming back to, though, was that I needed that drink!

It is the first time that I truly realized just how addicted I am to soda. Yes, I’ve been told. But of course, I felt in control and denied any such claims. Yes, I’ve gone from store to store in search of the elusive elixir at times. And while the thought of addiction crossed my mind, it just couldn’t be true.

But now, at 35 years-old, can say… My name is Mark Sessoms, and I am a soda addict. It might be the bubbles. It might be the sweet taste. It might be the caffeine. But whatever the reason, I know I have to stop.

And with that admission comes the action plan. I don’t intend to never have soda again. But I do intend to quit this dependency cold turkey. And I do ask for your help. Any tidbits of encouragement or advice that you can pass my way would be certainly appreciated.

And so, in a couple of weeks, with a whole lot of determination and good decision-making, I envision that I’ll be happily writing to you again of my release from soda rehab. Wish me luck!

PS  I almost forgot Happy New Year!

PPS  And no, this isn’t a new year’s resolution!  It is an admission of guilt.  =]