The Good Experience

February 20, 2008

Today, there may be a plethora of posts (in my case, a plethora equals four) because I found that I have been saving my posts… not publishing them.Now you may carry on…A newsletter I subscribe to led me to a couple of interesting websites… The newsletter is called Good Experience. are the interesting sites… Free Rice, btw, has been in the news quite a bit since I wrote this…1. Free Rice – http://www.freerice.comThis is a brilliant example of good experience. It’s is a simple andfun game: just click on the right definition of a given word.Every correct answer gets ten grains of rice donated via the UnitedNations. A-list advertisers like Apple, Macy’s, and Reader’s Digestare happy to pay for the exposure they get, pageview after pageview,on such a noble site.This is a good experience because *everyone wins*: users get a fungame, companies get good exposure, Web expenses get paid, and mostimportantly, people in need get help.The site is by the same guy who made -which got a lot of Net buzz a few years back. Here’s an article withmore info on “Rice”: Daily Good newsletter: http://www.dailygood.orgAs online users we can access innumerable sources of tragic anddepressing news every day, but this is one source of consistentlygood news. Every day the newsletter points out one case study, onestory, one person who’s working to make things better for someoneelse. I also appreciate that DailyGood pulls it off without beingcheesy or maudlin. Just a straightforward piece of good news everyday – helping us be thankful on days before and after Thanksgiving!


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