Forget Fast Food… FOREVER!

February 21, 2008

Alliteration aside, who would have thought that I could go for weeks without fast food? Especially given that I was probably one of Taco Bell’s most frequent consumers of the Big Stuft Burrito. My last year in Los Angeles proved to be a feeding frenzy of fast food. With two and three jobs, I had no time to cook. Fast food was my only source of, dare I say, nourishment. And if it wasn’t fast, it was frozen.

Thankfully, mostly due to living at home and dear Mamma cooking the meals, I’ve been without fast food for over two weeks now, basically since my return to Atlanta. I like this arrangement. This isn’t to say, though, that I wouldn’t eat some fast food here and there. Au contraire, mon frère. That is until I saw this interesting take on ads vs. reality. While I can’t say that I’m cured, this certainly gives new meaning to Taco Hell.

PS At the bottom of the aforelinked (is that a new word I just created?) site is mention of the 16 ugliest men in Rock n’ Roll. Totally unrelated. But totally worth a look. The comments about Gene Simmons are knee-slappin’ funny!


One Response to “Forget Fast Food… FOREVER!”

  1. Sealling Says:

    If I wasn’t looking at these websites at my sister’s office I would be on the floor rolling!!! That was some funny stuff!! P.S. I thought of the word: CONSIDERATE

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