Push-ups… How many can you do?

March 13, 2008

I do 100 push-ups per day. But after reading this article, I had to try as many as I could at one time, and of course, they only count if they are in good form. I managed forty-four! Time to practice this more! How many can you do?  Don’t guess.  Do it!

See why push-ups are so great according to the New York Times.

And here’s a chart from the Washington Post that you can use to gauge yourself if you start to practice them regularly. I ranked as Excellent. Where do you rank?


6 Responses to “Push-ups… How many can you do?”

  1. Josh Says:

    Haven’t done push-ups since my Tech days. I used to pump out 40 at a time, but I was a young pup then. Just … did … as many .. as I … could. Thirty….two! I’m a… out-of-breath … weakling.

  2. sessoms Says:

    Yeah, you better start back up! Relive the glory days at Tech! Kimberlain would be proud!

  3. sessoms Says:

    Oh yeah… thank you, Josh, #2 responder to the challenge!

  4. speedracerx Says:

    I’m the stud around here… I can do 3 sets of 50


    Your turn chooch!

  5. sessoms Says:

    I’m after you chooch! I’ll have to verify this claim, though, next time I see you! =]

  6. Josh Says:

    Here’s the “3 weeks later” update: I’ve been doing them in the morning and I’m up to 40 now. Yeah baby. Little by little I’ll move up to stud status.

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