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Email with Care

April 23, 2008

Midway through a strident email exchange with two college friends about faith, religion, and the evil that is religion, I pointed out that email was certainly not the medium in which to carry out such a discussion.  At this point, the email exchange was 20 messages deep or so.  My contribution to such a fustercluck, exactly two messages.

Somewhere around the 40 message mark, it all came to a blissful conclusion, but of course, with nothing really solved or even understood by either party.  Just the ranting over.

So isn’t it apropos that I run across the following site, quite by accident, with an article entitled “Email With Care.”  The message?  Manage your time and your relationships by using email carefully, and saving those tougher conversations for face-to-face contact, or at least over the phone.  As such, I’ll be prepared the next time, hopefully before the email thread hits the 10-message mark!


Rite of Passage

April 2, 2008

When I was younger, I was fairly athletically gifted.  With four older brothers, I was often challenged at feats of strength of agility.  Usually, I would lose.  After all, my brothers would only challenge me if they thought they would beat me.  As I got better at things, the challenges became fewer.

For instance, I remember almost beating my oldest brother, Gene, at a swimming race once way back when he was a lifeguard.  I also remember Raff, third-in-line, would always challenge me to do these ridiculous one-legged squats.  I could never do them (and I don’t believe I can now either).  The challenges became fewer as I got bigger and stronger, though, but probably more to the point, life got busier.

Tonight, I went to my nephew Martin’s baseball game.  His brother, Giovanni, was watching the game, too, but was a little bored.  So I challenged him to a race.  These boys are no doubt getting stronger and faster as they get older.  Having never had a little brother (just older ones), it’s fun to challenge them to physical stuff.  We do pushups and all kinds of stuff.  And like my older brothers with me, they can’t really compete.

I’ll just come out and say it.  Giovanni beat the pants off me.  I’m no runner, but I could always sprint fairly well.  All I have is a quick first step, good for basketball, but not the other sports I play, and certainly not for any sprinting more than 100 yards.  Giovanni wanted to race to the outfield and back, about 500 feet in total.  I thought I had him as we neared the fence to turn around, but damn if he didn’t just take off and leave me in the dust!

Congratulations to my nephew!  This is truly a rite of passage.  He may just be the fastest Sessoms (in our family tree), but I wouldn’t count Gene out without his fair shot.