April Showers

May 7, 2008

I heard this interesting statistic the other day. (I know it’s May now, but it was April when I heard it, hence the title).

86% of americans shower once a day.
11% shower more than once.

Which category are you in? Of course, the above percentages leave 3% unaccounted for, who obviously must shower less than once per day. This, unfortunately, is my group. Yes, I probably average 0.67 showers per day. That is, I shower twice for every three days. So I miss a day quite frequently, so what? Have you noticed before?

Now before you say “Eeewwww!”, all you uber-clean freaks just try to think of it this way:
…assume my average shower is 10 minutes in duration.
…assume I use a low-flow shower head at 2.5 gallons/min.
…assume my rate above of 0.67 showers/day.

So during an average day, the math looks like this… erm, I SAVE…

10 minutes/shower x 2.5 gallons/minute x 0.67 showers/day = 16.67 gallons/day
….which equates to 117 gallons/week!
….which equates to 6083 gallons/year! (that’s a lot of water!)

So let’s just hold off on the “Ewww…” and the nose twitching in my presence.  I’m doing my part in trying to save the planet, one shower at a time.


5 Responses to “April Showers”

  1. Min Says:

    I know you don’t stink, sesspool (HA made a funny!). It is because you use a girl’s deodorant. Dove is a girl’s deodorant.

    When we gonna HANG?

  2. sessoms Says:

    Did you just call me out on my own blog?! Dang! You remember that I use Dove? In all fairness, probably one of the most masculine men I know uses Secret. No names shall be mentioned. But of course, the Real Slim Shady could stand up…

  3. sessoms Says:

    Oh yeah, my mother pointed out that I could turn the shower off while I soap up. that would save a about 5-10 gallons per shower, too. Now THAT’s water conservation, baby!

  4. allice Says:

    you could also turn off water when you shave your chest =) Now that’s funny.

  5. Sealling Says:

    or you could shower once a week which equates to .14 showers/day with each shower taking 20 min. using your low flow. It comes out to be 7 gallons/ day. About half of what your saving. And guess what !! You would also save on moisturizer because you will be using your natural body oil. Have you noticed your skin is softer when you don’t shower for a while. Now B.O. vs. Body oil. That’s a toss up. Haha

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