Mile Envy

May 26, 2008

In a recent conversation with Min, my friend and old roomie in LA, it was explained to me that I have mile envy. That is, Min and her husband were the lucky recipients of two tickets to Thailand by her sister, Ho (yes, that’s her name, and she is also my friend and old roomie), to attend said sister’s wedding. (That’s right. I was living with two korean sisters, and unfortunately, nothing kinky ever happened…) This is mile envy. Being envious of a person who has the ability to travel the wolrd due to a seemingly unlimited amount of airline frequent flier miles.

Today, though, I no longer suffer from mile envy. To defeat it, I have acquired a mile patron, much like Ho is to Min, who purchases tickets for me to travel the world with their inexhaustible mileage accounts.

And all I can say is WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! I’m going to Thailand!

Contrary to your now deviant thoughts, I will not have to prostitute myself out to this patron of mine. Instead, I’ll be “putting out” in other ways, not to be discussed in this blog.

Now… off to make plans!

P.S. I’ll be going November 15 – December 2 if anyone thinks they can make it! People I know, of course!


2 Responses to “Mile Envy”

  1. Sealling Says:

    So how do you “put out” in other ways? Teach me!! Haha.. just kidding. Here’s a link for you to check out. The site allows you to see which seats on your plane are better than others and then some. I’m jealous!!!!!!

  2. Sealling Says:

    I have International Envy!!!

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