Today’s Big Time Wasters

June 19, 2008

Funny how time just escapes you…

Yes, some things were necessary to do today like…

1. clearing off the porch for the pressure washers. (30 minutes)
2. exercised in the form of a nice walk (1 hour)
3. collaborated with my business partner (1 hour)
4. trying to install MS SQL on my computer (2.5 hours)

But here were some of the not so important things that I did today…

1. Read my morning blogs. (1 hour)
2. Browsed some addon extensions for my Firefox browser. (30 minutes)
3. Got wind of the Sprint Instinct and reviewed it to death (1 hour)
4. Had to do some more in depth reading on Time Machine for my Mac (1 hour)
5. Played a little Desktop Tower Defense, the first time in a long time!  (30 minutes)
6. Took a nap (1 hour)
7. Collaborated with my business partner (1 hour of it was waste)

So my simple waste:need ratio is 6hrs-to-5hrs, 6:5.  That’s not a great ratio for a get-stuff-done guy like I want to see myself sometimes.

But at the end of the day, did I learn a lot?  Yes.  Am I happy with these learnings?  Yes.  But am I getting the stuff done that needs getting done?  Not exactly.  I had 6 hours today that I basically pissed away.  And there in lies the rub…   [Do you think blogging about it will help?]


3 Responses to “Today’s Big Time Wasters”

  1. Josh Says:

    What I don’t see listed there is the time you spent with Donkey Kong.

  2. Min Says:

    What is with you and pissing lately????

  3. sessoms Says:

    No DK for me as of late. DTD and DMD has been my toxic addiction.
    Notice, there was no piss in that mix, Min!

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