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Today Is a Phenomenal Day!

June 20, 2009

Everyday should be a phenomenal day… but if that were true, then how would we know what the highs of life are versus the lows?

Anyway, this is a self-serving post.  Self-help if you will.  But others may find it interesting.  That’s why I write it on this blog.  That being said, it’s also my life-tracking device.  Which could lead me down a rathole talking about where the last 9 months of my life have gone since I haven’t posted anything.  Can you say “stream of consciousness”?

Well, today is phenomenal.  By all rights, it should be a mediocre day at best.  I am suffering with every move, twist, and contortion from a bruised rib (or ribs) from a bicycle accident on a mountain trail (nailed the landing, I did!).  I haven’t left the house.  It’s 100-degrees out!  I haven’t eaten much today.  I haven’t had any friend contact… (well, a phone call or two).  And my business is still at the bottom looking up.

Nevertheless, I still claim phenomenality.  And it’s all in my personal growth and development today.  I feel like I am making a new step today.  Here are my three reasons…

1) Obvious : All You Need to Know in Business. Period by James Dale.  I picked this up at the library (it’s only 2 years old!).  But it has given me a ton of good ways to think and talk about my business.  And it got me to writing in my business journal, being honest with myself, my aspirations, my track record, etc.  Probably the greatest nugget (and this is truly nothing new, but it helps when you see it again and again)… “You never know how you’re doing unless you STOP to find out.”  I like that.  Today I stopped.

2) “In Defense of Distraction” by Sam Anderson (New York magazine).  This article presents a very interesting opinion on the benefits of overstimulation.  However, the most striking parts of the article were about super-attentive abilities and taking action to stay focused, in charge of our own attention.  Those parts of the article just got me interested in writing today.  In fact, in direct contrast to my stream-of-consciousness approach above, I decided to stay focused on the task of writing these thoughts down.  Right now.  Without delay.  This is always the toughest hurdle to get over for me.  I’ve always been a “I’ll get to it later”-type person.

3) “You never know how you’re doing unless you STOP to find out.” Yes, I’m quoting myself quoting James Dale.  It was a nice day today to do just that.  To take stock of where I am in life.  To understand am I happy.  To question whether I feel challenged.  Fulfilled in my choices.  To know if I see a future with my current choices.  Am I where I thought I’d be.  And then to ask myself what I can do about all those answers.  Should I be working harder?  Or smarter in order to reach those goals?  Should I be changing course?  What are the next challenges I hope to encounter?  You could never hope to know all your own thoughts on this if you don’t take time out to think.

Make your day phenomenal!  Take some time out for you!