Have You Ever Seen Fake Pinestraw?

August 30, 2009

Well this is it! The iPhone can only show so much detail. But if you zoom in, you’re sure to be amazed and appaled at the same time!



One Response to “Have You Ever Seen Fake Pinestraw?”

  1. Erica Medina Says:

    Personally I think fake pinestraw is a waste because it melts in the sunlight when things get really hot. I can understand how someone would want to invent something like this but not everything in this world should be esthetic and I believe pinestraw is one of them. It doesn’t fertilize the ground or the plants if left out in the garden for long periods of time. It does however look nice durring the winter when everything is brown and ugly looking but I figure if GOD wanted it to be pritty durring that time of year then he would have made it and not let anyone else TRY to do his work for HIM.

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