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Attempt at Crazy Sexy Cool

September 21, 2009

Two words… EPIC FAIL!!!


Family Dinner – Cold Cuts!

September 21, 2009

So due to the rain today, our dinner plans to grill hamburgers tonight were foiled.  So instead, Carmen remembered an off-handed remark my mother made one day while they were all out eating sushi.  My mother said, “I don’t eat this kind of food.  For me, I am happy with just bread and salami or prosciutto and good cheese.” So that’s what we ate, along with some great soup and some veggies. Phenomenal!

And there are some pictures of me with my new goofy hairdo…  and one of my nephew, Giovanni.


Church Street Scene

September 21, 2009

My brother, Jean-Claude, has a family heirloom.  A drawing by my father of St. Philip’s Cathedral on Church Street in my hometown, Charleston, SC.  He has it in his bathroom, along with a painting of the same church from the same perspective.  They are both quite beautfiul.  Notice the buildings on the right side of the road in my father’s drawing.  I’m not sure which was first, the drawing or the painting.  I’ll do some fact-checking and post an update…

I think I might go and draw this as well.  Keeping up the family tradition, so to speak.  This is assuming, of course, that it is the mosquito dead season.


Early Birthday Gifts

September 21, 2009

The two sweet ladies in my life surprised me with early birthday gifts!  By the way, my birthday is October 6 for all of you who wish to be on time!  =]

One was a wonderful box of chocolates from my Mamma.  The chocolates are filled with liqueur.  But the box is what is the most amazing part of this gift.  Such elegant packaging.  And it has a magnetic front cover so it easily opens and closes.  Cheeky!

And the other gift was a beautiful Cross pen from my Seallion.  Now I don’t have to carry around a plastic Bic from the Marriott as I normally do, when I’m all dressed up and ready to do some serious business.  Cross also has very elegant packaging.  And I’m a big fan of the brown.  =]

Thank you!  Thank you!


Rat Food

September 21, 2009

My mother is up in arms at the thought that we may have a mouse in the house.  Hopefully just a tiny mouse and not a great big rat!  Whatever it was, it ate into my peach.  I was going to use that peach for a smoothie! 

And whatever it was, it must have a finicky palate because it spit out the peach skin back into the fruit bowl!  =]

We heard a lot of strange noises and tried to find out if there really was a rat, but we were unsuccessful.  Today, the noise is gone.  And so is the peach!  Au revoir, Misseur Rat!


Funny Sign

September 21, 2009

To me, this is one funny juxtaposition of signs.

On the right side, the message is clear.  Signs Sell!

On the left side, not so much.  Beef Grill. 

How inviting is that?  Judging by the colors, I’m assuming it’s Latin of some sort.  But from where?  But the real question is, did their business neighbor create their sign?  And is this pure brilliance a la Mad Men?  Or complete lack of creativity mixed with English as a Second Language difficulties?


Ergonomically Approved?

September 21, 2009

I don’t think so.  In fact, judging from my aches and pains, I know so!

I’ve tweaked the setup over and over.  And what you see is the best I can do.  Unless some of you have any bright ideas.   But here are my main issues…

  1. Table is too high.  I love my table, but it simply too high.
  2. The high table forces my chair to be up high, or I am putting too much weight on my hands at the wrist when I rest them on the palm rests.
  3. The chair just plain sucks.  And it’s broken as you can see.  Plus the arm rests, while nice, prevent me from positioning myself under the table because I have to keep the chair at its highest level.
  4. The thick plastic flooring underneath my chair, while wonderful for rolling on, is terrible for my footrest which will only stay still if I am sitting directly over it so my feet are applying only perferctly perpendicular pressure to the footrest. 


But here are a few happy notes…

  1. I think the wrist cushion is perfect for my typing.  I don’t put too much pressure at an angle on my wrists.
  2. I was experiencing some pain in my right hand toward the pinky.  I discovered it was as a result cocking my hand at an odd angle in order to use the Mac’s touchpad scrolling with two fingers.  So I’ve opted for a mouse now, and have disabled the touchpad and can now lay the wrist cushion over it.
  3. My chair, as sucky as it is, does have a nice back rest at just the right angle for me.  So when I’m sitting upright with good posture, the chair is a good chair. 
  4. And the footrest locks neatly onto the two front wheels of my chair and doesn’t slide so easily. 

So I think I’ve been able to come up with the most feasible and best ergonomic positioning available in my crappy workspace, excluding buying any other products.  And what’s neat about it is that you HAVE to get all the pieces aligned just right in order to make it work.  When one thing is out of whack, the whole system falls apart.  And I usually know when that has happened when some pain creeps up in my back, hands, wrists, feet, elbows, you name it. 

I am accepting donations (or at least ideas) for creating a new workspace.  Don’t be shy!

3 Days of Dinner

September 21, 2009

My mother is amazing!  She loves that I’m home.  And goes out of her way in the kitchen…

Somehow, I accidentally included one from dinner at my brother’s house, the first one with all the salami. 

As for the other two, one was leftovers.  And the other was amazing Borsellini with butter and sage, and a chicken cutlet Milanese.  Mmm MMM!


I’m Turning Japanese

September 21, 2009

I’m turning Japanese.  I think I’m turning Japanese.  I really think so.  Ahh… The Vapors are still on my mind! 

The hair is getting longer.  I’m going to have to buy some of these hair clips that my Mamma uses if I let it keep growing!



September 21, 2009

A very “grim” reminder to all of us approaching 40!

This tribute to Lance by his wife, Liezl, was awesome!  I got this last year and finally opened it up.  GOOD LAWD it was hot!  Basically it was twice the strength of tabasco if not more.  But I loved it! 

By the way, Lance is still alive and well… and not really missing his 30’s so much as his 20’s (that is pure conjecture on my part!)  =]