Georgia Tech Rec Room

September 4, 2009

A trip to Georgia Tech today led to some nostalgic waxing on my part.  And unfortunately, the good ol’ days are gone.   Yes, these kids have a sparkling new campus.  And that’s what they like because they don’t know any better.  But man do I miss the old campus sometimes… 


Case in point, and the topic of this post, the GT Rec Room used to be the best hangout spot.  It was really all about the pool hall.  And it was where I met some life long friends.  Incidentally, it’s where I also first encountered my celebrity look-alike on TV (Jordan Knight). 

Anyway, amazing that the pool tables area has been replaced by ping pong!  When does that ever happen?  So what did they do?  They took out three lanes from the oh-so popular bowling alley and scrunched the pool tables in there.  Well, at least they didn’t get rid of them.

And the wall of machines for getting my good old Diet Coke and Twix Bar… gone!  It’s been replaced by a wall of computers.  Because at a school full of engineers where computers are ubiquitous, they needed more computers… for recreation, of course.

I guess the only improvement is the video game area.  It used to be the arcade, full of video games.  Instead, it’s now “decked out” with all kinds of black leather couches, widescreen TV’s and video game consoles, even Garage Band and Wii’s.  I’m guessing you have to pay to play, but who could resist with the mood lighting going on.  Nothing screams romance like a public video game arcade in the dark.

And the final picture is of our beloved Shaft.  It actually was a beautiful grass field before they erected it, just before the 1996 Olympics (I believe).  Nevertheless, the area was very well done and has provided a nice, tranquil sitting/studying area ever since… and maybe a few skinny dippers at night… the truth is out!


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