Play It Faster!

September 5, 2009

Talk about information overload!  I have over 20GB of podcasts!  I can’t listen to them all.  Or can I…?

With the iPhone, I can play podcasts at twice the normal speed.  Why isn’t that available as a feature in iTunes so when I’m listening on my computer, I can also listen at 2x speed?

Enter QuickTime!  I’m sure you can do this on Windows as well, but not too sure on the procedure.  But with QuickTime by using the A/V Controls you can play things up to 3x speed!  So for those super slow speakers who you love to listen to their ideas, just not their super slow delivery, play it faster!


One Response to “Play It Faster!”

  1. Chichi Sessoms Says:

    Hey Mark,

    You write pretty nice stuff!

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