Posterous – A Very Hard Word to Pronounce

September 9, 2009


Nice to know the guy behind the blog that I like so much… Garry Tan (on the right) on This Week in Startups!  While watching this, I just used PicPosterous to post this.  Unfortunately, since I had more to say, I had to come to the site to edit the pic.  So maybe email will work best for my needs.  But we’ll see…

By the way, I learned it’s pronounced Post like Boston.  Not like a native Bostonian says Boston, but how the rest of the country says Boston.  Well, that’s not true, either, now that I think about it.  Boston, like I say Boston. 

Perhaps a better example is frost.  Crap.  Same thing with frost.  New Yorkers break the curve on all these words. 

Hmm.  Is there a word that doesn’t break under the regional pronuciation tests?  Hmm…  How about Posterous like Bob Costas… We have a winner!!!


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