Obama Tells It Like It Is regarding Kanye

September 16, 2009


275,000 people can’t be wrong!  But that’s less than one-tenth of one percent, or 0.1%.  So maybe they (“we” since I find myself in this group) aren’t right.  But it’s still funny.  I love it when the President tells it like it is!

The underlying story of interest to me is how Kanye must be feeling given his support of Obama during his presidential campaign.  However, friends don’t mind calling each other out when one or the other is being stupid.  But to be called out by the President… damn!  I love it!

Personally, I would want the President to call me out, too.   What about you… my three readers?  haha!



One Response to “Obama Tells It Like It Is regarding Kanye”

  1. Sealling Arounnarath Says:

    It’s time for the President of a new generation. He ain’t scurred!!

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