Early Birthday Gifts

September 21, 2009

The two sweet ladies in my life surprised me with early birthday gifts!  By the way, my birthday is October 6 for all of you who wish to be on time!  =]

One was a wonderful box of chocolates from my Mamma.  The chocolates are filled with liqueur.  But the box is what is the most amazing part of this gift.  Such elegant packaging.  And it has a magnetic front cover so it easily opens and closes.  Cheeky!

And the other gift was a beautiful Cross pen from my Seallion.  Now I don’t have to carry around a plastic Bic from the Marriott as I normally do, when I’m all dressed up and ready to do some serious business.  Cross also has very elegant packaging.  And I’m a big fan of the brown.  =]

Thank you!  Thank you!



One Response to “Early Birthday Gifts”

  1. Sealling Arounnarath Says:

    How many pieces of chocolates were left in the box by the time of this posting? =) I thought the brown cross box was another deciding factore that made the pen even better

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