Ergonomically Approved?

September 21, 2009

I don’t think so.  In fact, judging from my aches and pains, I know so!

I’ve tweaked the setup over and over.  And what you see is the best I can do.  Unless some of you have any bright ideas.   But here are my main issues…

  1. Table is too high.  I love my table, but it simply too high.
  2. The high table forces my chair to be up high, or I am putting too much weight on my hands at the wrist when I rest them on the palm rests.
  3. The chair just plain sucks.  And it’s broken as you can see.  Plus the arm rests, while nice, prevent me from positioning myself under the table because I have to keep the chair at its highest level.
  4. The thick plastic flooring underneath my chair, while wonderful for rolling on, is terrible for my footrest which will only stay still if I am sitting directly over it so my feet are applying only perferctly perpendicular pressure to the footrest. 


But here are a few happy notes…

  1. I think the wrist cushion is perfect for my typing.  I don’t put too much pressure at an angle on my wrists.
  2. I was experiencing some pain in my right hand toward the pinky.  I discovered it was as a result cocking my hand at an odd angle in order to use the Mac’s touchpad scrolling with two fingers.  So I’ve opted for a mouse now, and have disabled the touchpad and can now lay the wrist cushion over it.
  3. My chair, as sucky as it is, does have a nice back rest at just the right angle for me.  So when I’m sitting upright with good posture, the chair is a good chair. 
  4. And the footrest locks neatly onto the two front wheels of my chair and doesn’t slide so easily. 

So I think I’ve been able to come up with the most feasible and best ergonomic positioning available in my crappy workspace, excluding buying any other products.  And what’s neat about it is that you HAVE to get all the pieces aligned just right in order to make it work.  When one thing is out of whack, the whole system falls apart.  And I usually know when that has happened when some pain creeps up in my back, hands, wrists, feet, elbows, you name it. 

I am accepting donations (or at least ideas) for creating a new workspace.  Don’t be shy!


One Response to “Ergonomically Approved?”

  1. Sealling Arounnarath Says:

    Maybe you should duck tape all the pieces into place so they never move

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