Breaking The Soda Habit – Part II

October 12, 2009

So I wrote about the beginning of this episode on my posterous blog only because I had some pictures of my last sip of DMD.  But I felt the follow-through should be carried out here since, after all, it is Part II.

To catch you up.  I quit drinking soda again.  The last time I tried was in January 2008.  And I failed.  But that’s no excuse to not try again.  So here we go again.

So far, I’ve been soda-free for two days.  I’ve had mostly water to drink, although I have had some Crystal Light, some Diet Green Tea, and coffee.  The coffee is for obvious reasons, but soon enough, I want to be off of any aspartame sweetened drink.  I heard that aspartame prevents the body from metabolizing fat, although I have not researched this yet.  But this seems to make sense to me because when people go from diet drinks to water, they often lose several pounds.

And there in lies the goal.  First 30 days, get off the soda.  Not worried about the caffeine, but I’m sure that will decrease as well.  Today, in fact, I only had one cup of coffee all day long.  Although I had my second this evening just to ensure I don’t get a headache overnight.  And then the second 30 days, get off the aspartame.  Any sweetener will be either Sweet-n-Low or Splenda or good old-fashioned sugar!

So far so good!


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