Breaking the Soda Habit – Progress Report (1 month)

November 10, 2009

Progress: 99% Soda-free, Reduced caffeine to between 300-400 mg/day, and off the aspartame, moved to Splenda.

I really am over it!  Granted, I’m sure I could easily fall back into the habit.  But for once, I’m in control.  I’ve had exactly three sodas during this first month.  One in order to avoid a caffeine headache, one to test whether or not I really enjoyed DMD (Diet Mountain Dew) (turns out I didn’t… I prefer Diet Coke again which is a whole other story), and one just for the hell of it to tease myself that I’m in control.

I used to have no control.  I’d go to the Quik Trip near my house on a mission.  A DMD quest.  It was a quest because half of the trips weren’t so quick since I often rendered their shelves empty and would have to search two and sometimes three stores, grocery and convenient store alike, in search of my elixir of life!

One month in, though, I feel no urge.  I do, however, still feel an urge when I walk into a gas station.  The thought of a nice, cold 20 ounce is nice.  But I have successfully opted for water each time.  These are my only difficult times.  And each time, my choice to avoid the soda is like winning a small battle with myself.   I used to guzzle a little over a gallon of soda per day.  Now I guzzle water with a splash of tea, Arizona Diet Green Tea to be exact.  Sometimes the Blueberry tea is nice.  The recipe is 3/4 water, 1/4 tea.  A much better concoction for my body…

With the soda addiction under control (seeminly), the caffeine addiction is next.  I am a weener.  I can’t get off the sauce cold turkey, so I ween.  A little less caffeine each week.  It used to be I’d drink a cup of coffee during the day and a cup at night.  I don’t dislike the ritual of coffee since it’s enjoyable.  But I just don’t want the maintain a dependency on caffeine.  I haven’t had much problems with headaches yet, but I’ve been close.  But at the same time, I still don’t feel the effects of caffeine like most people seem to.  That is, I can still drink a cup of coffee and fall right asleep.

Finally, the issue of weight.  I thought by getting rid of aspartame in my diet that I would see some shedding of the pounds.  Not so in my case.  I have maintained my weight, however unfortunate that is since I was really looking to lose some pounds.  Instead, weight loss will have to come the traditional way… by watching what goes in.  If you have any interest in a good system for this, check out the Hacker’s Diet.  Lots of common sense information there, but geekier than the rest of the fad diets out there.

So this was the one-month mark.  See ya next month!



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