New Thermostat for the Hizzie

December 14, 2009

I have been frustrated with my thermostat for the past two years.  It was one of the old mercury-style thermostats.  Just not a great device for accurately controlling the climate of our house. 

So I bit the bullet and bought a SUPER simple digital thermostat.  Simple because we don’t need all that programmable bull.  Just a simple up/down arrow does the trick.  It was pretty easy to install.  But it was my first time, so of course I was worried about shocking myself and/or blowing up the furnace.  =]  

Now that it’s in, I LOVE IT!


Once the thermostat was in, we realized that it was the most poorly placed thermostat.  It is right under the vent!  So as soon as the heat comes on, the thermostat starts registering hotter temperatures while the rest of the house remains chilly.  So we actually have to set the temperature a few degrees higher so that the rest of the house gets warm, too!  We never could understand why this was happening with the old thermostat.  It’s between 3-5 degrees difference from the thermostat temperature and our living room area.  That can be uncomforatable.  But it’s all good now!


One Response to “New Thermostat for the Hizzie”

  1. Sealling Arounnarath Says:

    Ohhhhhhh!!! Maybe that’s why my heat kicks in on auto when it is daytime and it cools down at night. Because the thermostat is right above my lamp. Could it be the lamp is heating my thermostat?

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