I’m a little bit dorky…

December 16, 2009

And I’m a little bit rock-n-roll!   Tonight, I finally finally figured out a long-standing problem on my website.

I’ve had a transparent GIF for my website’s logo for the longest time, but just it looked oh so crappy.  It had a little pixelated edge around the lettering.  With no users, this really wasn’t a pressing problem.  It always looked OK with most light colored backgrounds, but once I put it on a darker background, the crappiness was apparent.

I’ve grappled with this for a while, but since I don’t have Photoshop and don’t have any software to play with these images, I just left this one for a later date.  Well, today was that later date.

I ran across a site that talked about Vector Images.  I’ve known about the SVG image formats, but I didn’t realize you could use them on the web.  I did, in fact, have some vector images of my logos.  But it never seemed like a good idea to use them because they are so large.  But on this particular site, touting the benefits of vector images, all the images on this particular site were saved as PNG files.  Bingo!

So now, how could I save my files as PNG?   Enter Quicksilver.  This is the kind of thing it does best (see the screenshot below).  I just selected the file in its original SVG format, chose Save Image in Format… in the action pane, and then typed PNG in the third pane.  Voilà!

Quicksilver Screenshot

I realize for those of you who don’t use Macs and Quicksilver, this means absolutely nothing to you.  But for me, it was a nice little epiphany to fix a long-standing problem on my website.  Now let’s see if my one user, Gary, who is my business partner, will notice the difference.  I doubt it…  But at least I know!


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