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Life Online vs. IRL

July 19, 2010

So I saw the Facebook Movie trailer at the theater this weekend (prior to watching Inception).  The theater was deathly silent afterward.  To me, it seemed like an indication, at least from this audience, that there was a certain discomfort with how Facebook has come to dominate our lives.  But those are our online lives, not our real lives…Or is there really a difference now?

I read a very interesting article last week that was just a quick read then, but ever so poignant after seeing this movie trailer and the reaction of the viewers…  Take two minutes and have a look (at least read the 10 reasons part of the article if it’s two long).  Top 10 Reasons to Stop Apologizing for Your Online Life


July 19, 2010

My attempts to explain the plot of Inception to my Mamma were semi-successful. She was so utterly confused during the movie. It was actually worth the extra half-hour of me trying to explain it to her in order to solidify the plot-line in my own head! What a mind-f%@$!!

I thought the visual aid was somewhat helpful but by no means does it explain it all. GO SEE THIS MOVIE!