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Flix from the Net

August 31, 2010

I’ve created a movie monster.  Mamma is all over the iPad now.  She was enjoying it before.  But as soon as I showed her the Netflix app, she is officially lost in technology.  =]

Sometimes, I struggle with teaching her how to use different apps.  But the Netflix app, which isn’t terribly difficult, but it’s not as easy to navigate as other apps, but because she really wants that content, she has figured it out in just a few minutes.  

I must say, Netflix Instant Queue is the worth every penny.  And the fact that I can access it from any device I own… TiVo, Computers, iPad, and even my iPhone… makes it impossible for me to not subscribe to their bloody service.  =]  

Sadly, though, the first movie I watched with the new account was Robin Hood Prince of Thieves.  I’m not sure why.  Despite Costner’s un-British portrayal, the movie casts one of the all-time great villains with Alan Rickman playing the Sheriff of Nottingham.  And then I got to watch some of the first season of The Greatest American Hero.  It was amazingly awful, but quenched my thirst of listening to their great theme song… 

Meanwhile, Mamma is stuck in the Foreign Film section.  Tonight, she watched a Chinese flick of all things. Go figure.  =]

In related movie news… check out  You won’t be disappointed.  If you are, then you can always return to

Achetez a Profusion

August 3, 2010

I caught sight of this little sticker on my banana this morning. I like how the phrase is also written in French. As if the French comprise a majority, even a large minority, of overweight people in this country.