Blog of Death

January 23, 2011

Of all the morbid things to write about… but I couldn’t resist… so here is the backstory and the three blasts from the past I got from the site…

So Mamma and I are scouring Google for an obscure guy from the old days of PBS Cooking shows.  We searched and searched and got on an interesting site, Chowhound, that discussed most of the old notable chefs on the network.  We eventually found our guy, Earl Peyroux.  He’s dead now as of a few years ago.  Along with Earl were mentions of Jeff Smith.  I didn’t know who he was, until I found that he was the Frugal Gourmet.  Whoa! Now there’s a blast from the past.  And so Mamma mentioned to me that he turned out to be a chi-mo, well, teenagers.  I was shocked so had to go do some digging on that.  Of course, it was true.  But as I searched, I found that he, too, is dead.  I found that on a morbidly, yet aptly, named site called Blog of Death.

So I did some poking around on the site and ran across two other interesting deaths…  Edith Shain passed away last year.  And so did Jack Horkheimer.  So who the heck are those people?

Turns out Edith was the iconic figure in The Kiss Seen Round the World.  And I had just been to San Diego about a year ago and recreated The Kiss Seen Nowhere But Here with Sealling.  I didn’t realize at the time that the monument was in homage to that amazing photo from WWII.  On Blog of Death, there is a nice little video about Edith, so you may be interested in that.  =]



And then there was another obituary on Jack Horkheimer of “Star Gazer” fame.  What’s strange about the timing of this one is that I had just TiVo’d an episode of Star Gazer the other day.  It was the first time I’d seen it in years, and I was surprised to see another host.  I thought maybe they had guest hosts now, but I was obviously wrong.  I found out that it used to be called “Star Hustler.”  Now that’s a name that could carry some weight today!  Anyway, when you click the link to the YouTube video, you’ll remember that whistling theme song right away…

So that’s that.  The Blog of Death.  I thought this site might weird me out when I first began reading, but I was very much mistaken.  It was really fascinating to learn about these people, some of whom I had had “recent” exposure to for the first itme. 

Hey!  All two of you readers out there!  Let me know in the comments if you go visit the site and what you think…  I’d like to think others found that site just as fascinating.

One Response to “Blog of Death”

  1. Mark Sessoms Says:

    See, I glossed over those two because… well because they were women. NOOOO! That’s a joke. But wow! I am very glad you sent me back to look at those two. Amazing stories. Amazing women. I’m glad you liked the Blog of Death. =]

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