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Another “Mamma Said” Story…

March 30, 2012
It is a cleaning day today.  Since we got the new couch, we have to get our living room in pristine order.  So Mamma was dusting the wedding pictures and frames to place back on the piano today.
I told her that she was missing one and asked her to guess which one.  She immediately replied Raff and Chichi.  I said, yes, but that’s wrong.  She thought and thought, but could not think of any others that were missing.

So I blurted out… “MINE!”  She said… “You will never get married.”  I laughed out loud and asked her why not.  She said that all the girls I’d find would cause me trouble, and that they are not what they used to be.   

I told her that was not true and that I could find one in the small villages in the Philippines or Thailand.  She said, nope.  Even they are too modern… And that she saw them going with the old men at their hotels.  Haha.  =]

But the really funny part was when she finished arranging the pictures on the piano and asked me how it looked.  I said that it was nice but she was forgetting my metronome.  

She walked over to me and started shaking her hand in
that familiar don’t-be-an-idiot way.  I’m not sure if there is a name for the gesticulation, but it’s the one with the palm facing up and all five fingers come together in a point, and then you shake it from the wrist and forearm in an up and down motion as if to say, “What the heck are you saying… don’t be stupid.”


Here’s a nice YouTube video explaining some of them.

She said, “Don’t you be in a rush.  Why all of sudden are you worried about this ‘matrimony’?”

I looked at her and deadpanned, “I said metronome.” It registered a second later.  She said “Ohhh!” and obviously relieved, went about polishing the metronome.