My Journey Through Music History

March 12, 2014

Today I came up with the BRILLIANT idea that each month I would read up on the history of a single period of music, and listen to the works of as many composers as I could.

So today was really just a foray into the possibilities.  There is no real structure to this idea just yet.  But I thought I’d tackle the Baroque period first.  I went to Wikipedia and immediately found a wonderful timeline of baroque composers.  This is perfect, I thought!

Timeline of Baroque Composers

Timeline of Baroque Composers

As I perused this list of composers, I realized that although I felt like I had at least a little knowledge of Baroque music, the fact that I knew barely 5 or 6 of the men on this list meant that there was so much more to learn.

And so I began… at the beginning of this list.  Jacopo Peri.

Here I must also add that this journey, for me, is to be mostly one of listening and appreciating music.  I am also interested in the history, the instrumentation, the composition styles, the theory, etc.  And so it is ever so wonderful to have the tools to be able to manage this from the comforts of my own home.  Between Wikipedia and YouTube, I think I’ll have more access to more information and more music than I ever had in any one library.

That brings to mind the time when I was studying music at the University of South Carolina.  I was considering becoming a music major and taking the theory, the sight-singing and ear-training courses.  And practicing diligently to be prepared for performance classes.  The library there had more music than I thought I’d ever be able to listen to.  I loved finding records of the pieces I wanted to learn, checking out a pair of headphones, and going over to an empty turntable to sit and listen over and over to learn the dynamics of a piece.  It was great fun.  And yet, it was so… time-consuming.

With YouTube, I’m able to find recordings of almost any piece.  And with Wikipedia linking to all sorts of related topics, it’s going to be difficult to stay on track at all!  But come what may, it will be a phenomenal ride!

One Response to “My Journey Through Music History”

  1. Liezl Says:


    You truly try to fill up all of your 14 hours you’re awake. HA! Joking aside, it seems you’ve added something else to your goals list for 2014. It seems you want to “get” your music major in a year.


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