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Livin’ in Long Biyatch

November 20, 2007

Min, my witty ATLien friend and ex-roommate, asked me how life is in Long Biyatch. But rather than direct my reply solely to her, I thought to share my incite on the city of Snoop…Long Beach sucks!Ok, let me be fair. There are parts that I like about it…

The beach is only a 20 minute walk from my house.Very diverse neighborhood.I’m really close to Albertson’s grocery store. One block away.There’s a very a convenient convenient store 150 feet away.There is a kind, old Italian lady from Rome who lives next door.It’s only a 30-minute drive to work with no freeways.

But here are the parts that I am not so fond of…

The beach here isn’t as nice as the beach at Hermosa.Very diverse neighborhood: those with homes/those without, sober/drunk, detoxed/still-toxed… I mean, there is a substance abuse center one block away.We are right next to a parking lot where kids come to spend their midnight hours yelling out loud and doing donuts with their cars.The little old lady from Italy lives next door. Her address is 666, so i’m a bit hesitant to get to know her…There is rarely parking so I have to park on the main thoroughfare.

I miss the South Bay. =[ But truth be told, I miss the East coast even more. =[ =[How’s the place where you live?