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Achetez a Profusion

August 3, 2010

I caught sight of this little sticker on my banana this morning. I like how the phrase is also written in French. As if the French comprise a majority, even a large minority, of overweight people in this country.


Mamma’s Boy?

October 14, 2009

I often get chastised with being a mamma’s boy. I don’t deny I love my mother as only a good Italian son could. But I try to pull my weight around the house at least, not take advantage of living at home as my brothers would argue.

Here’s an excerpt of what I mean The kitchen is her domain. No matter how hard I try, she won’t let me help.

I can see how this would be really adorable from an outsider’s perspective.

So, the question remains, mamma’s boy? You be the judge!

Attempt at Crazy Sexy Cool

September 21, 2009

Two words… EPIC FAIL!!!


Funny Sign

September 21, 2009

To me, this is one funny juxtaposition of signs.

On the right side, the message is clear.  Signs Sell!

On the left side, not so much.  Beef Grill. 

How inviting is that?  Judging by the colors, I’m assuming it’s Latin of some sort.  But from where?  But the real question is, did their business neighbor create their sign?  And is this pure brilliance a la Mad Men?  Or complete lack of creativity mixed with English as a Second Language difficulties?


I’m Turning Japanese

September 21, 2009

I’m turning Japanese.  I think I’m turning Japanese.  I really think so.  Ahh… The Vapors are still on my mind! 

The hair is getting longer.  I’m going to have to buy some of these hair clips that my Mamma uses if I let it keep growing!


Obama Tells It Like It Is regarding Kanye

September 16, 2009


275,000 people can’t be wrong!  But that’s less than one-tenth of one percent, or 0.1%.  So maybe they (“we” since I find myself in this group) aren’t right.  But it’s still funny.  I love it when the President tells it like it is!

The underlying story of interest to me is how Kanye must be feeling given his support of Obama during his presidential campaign.  However, friends don’t mind calling each other out when one or the other is being stupid.  But to be called out by the President… damn!  I love it!

Personally, I would want the President to call me out, too.   What about you… my three readers?  haha!


Posterous – A Very Hard Word to Pronounce

September 9, 2009


Nice to know the guy behind the blog that I like so much… Garry Tan (on the right) on This Week in Startups!  While watching this, I just used PicPosterous to post this.  Unfortunately, since I had more to say, I had to come to the site to edit the pic.  So maybe email will work best for my needs.  But we’ll see…

By the way, I learned it’s pronounced Post like Boston.  Not like a native Bostonian says Boston, but how the rest of the country says Boston.  Well, that’s not true, either, now that I think about it.  Boston, like I say Boston. 

Perhaps a better example is frost.  Crap.  Same thing with frost.  New Yorkers break the curve on all these words. 

Hmm.  Is there a word that doesn’t break under the regional pronuciation tests?  Hmm…  How about Posterous like Bob Costas… We have a winner!!!